Starting to feel under the weather? Try zinc supplements! It’s the ultimate mineral to boost your immune system and has been scientifically shown to reduce the length of the common cold by 33%.* As if that wasn’t enough to get you stocking up, zinc has a lot of other superpowers that will be a key component in improving your daily health and wellness!

Zinc is an essential mineral that often gets overlooked. Without it, your body can’t absorb oxygen, metabolize vitamins, digest nutrients, or reproduce effectively. Unfortunately, our bodies don’t naturally produce it or store it up either. On top of that, the standard American diet simply doesn’t include enough zinc. What’s the solution? Zinc supplements! 

And if you’re searching for the best zinc supplement, look no further. Our nutrition store sells superior zinc products to help your immune system stay strong all year long. 

  • Ultra absorbable. We have all types of zinc products that are bioavailable and easy to absorb: zinc citrate, zinc asparate, ionic zinc, zinc L-methionine, zinc picolinate supplement — and more.
  • Types of zinc. Pick which type is best for you! Try capsules, tablets, lozenges, powders, or a liquid zinc supplement. 
  • Natural and allergy-free. Searching for an organic zinc option? Want a natural zinc product from whole-food sources? Our selection includes options that are organic, plant-based, and allergy-free!

Ready to feel your best inside and out? Zinc supplements give your body always all the zinc you need for good health!

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Zinc might be last in a list of vitamins and minerals, but it certainly isn’t the least! This essential mineral is required in nearly every single metabolic pathway in your body — from digestion and breathing to seeing and thinking. 

Yet we often don’t consume enough zinc from our fruits and veggies, which is why zinc supplements are so helpful! When our bodies have the right amount of zinc, we can feel more energized and fight off more germs.*

Health benefits of zinc supplements

Zinc is most well-known for strengthening the immune system. It’s the engine that boosts our immunity so we can feel better faster and avoid catching the next bug that goes around!* But the best zinc supplement is more than just a germ-kicking ninja. 

  • Immune system. Zinc helps your body recover from a common cold up to 33% faster.*
  • Antioxidant. Zinc prevents oxidative stress which helps naturally reduce inflammation.*
  • Skin. Boost your collagen levels, reduce acne, and help your wounds heal faster with a zinc supplement.*
  • Vision. This essential mineral protects against vision degeneration while supporting optimal retinal health.*
  • Reproduction. Zinc supplements are crucial for reproductive health. They support the production of testosterone, sperm, and egg development, plus enhance sexual performance and ease erectile dysfunction.*
  • Digestion. Did you know that your body cannot digest food without zinc? Zinc provides energy by helping metabolize protein, carbs, and fat, which therefore supports muscle maintenance, bone health, and weight management.*
  • Heart. Zinc supplements encourage cardiovascular health, help create insulin to balance blood sugar levels, and even promote normal cholesterol levels.* 
  • Brain and Mood. Taking a natural zinc supplement balances your overall disposition and may ease symptoms of some mood disorders like occasional depression or anxiety. Additionally, it reduces the risk of age-related cognitive decline.*
  • Development. All vitamins and minerals, especially zinc, are essential for the growth and development of children.

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