Natural Body Care

Why use synthetic products when you can pamper your body with beneficial botanicals instead? Our extensive collection of all-natural, non-irritating body care products are plant-based, free of harmful chemicals, and created with good-for-you botanical ingredients!* 

  • Free of aluminum, parabens, petrolatums, and sulfates: Most of the commercial body care products are filled with harsh ingredients that are harmful to your skin — and your entire body!* Support your whole-body health with holistic ingredients. 
  • No fillers or synthetic substances: You don’t have time for unnecessary additives! Our nutrition store sells botanical products that are overflowing with nothing but natural ingredients.*
  • Highest-quality ingredients: Nourish your body inside and out with essential nutrients straight from nature, like tea tree oil, aloe, and coconut oil! 
  • Eco-friendly and responsibly-made: Clean and nourish your skin without hurting the planet in the process. Our products are good for you — and mother nature! 

Start browning our luxurious soaps, hydration lotions, neutralizing deodorants, germ-zapping hand sanitizers, and powerful sunscreen products.




Did you know that your skin is your largest organ? It protects your insides and reflects unwanted enemies, just like a suit of armor. Our nutrition store is full of beauty and personal care products that can keep your armor strong and shiny!*

Soaps: Replace your conventional soaps with one of our all-natural body care soap bars instead! They clean magnificently, purify deeply, and moisturize richly! Our nutrition store sells types to revitalize dry skin or lock in moisture, scents to soothe and relax, plus bars for hands, face, and body.

Sunscreen: Want to gain a beautiful sun-kissed glow minus harm from UV rays? Our strong and soothing sunscreen protects skin from the sun! 

Lotions: Soothe your skin naturally! Our line of lotions soothe chafed or chapped skin, calm eczema or irritations, and nourish itchy patches. Of course, they also give your skin the nourishment and moisture it needs!

Balm and creams: Our CBD balms and creams penetrate beneath the surface to provide ultimate relief of sore muscles and joint discomfort.* 

Deodorant: Did you know that body odor is a sign of toxins building up within your body? Our natural deodorants eradicate body odor and support the body’s natural detox pathways at the same time!

Body powder: Similar to deodorant, body powders keep you fresh, help you stay dry, and zap away unpleasant odors.* (Not sure where to use this natural body care product? We suggest the armpits, beards, hair, bums, and anywhere else you might need it!)

Hand sanitizer: Clean hands and clean ingredients! Our plant-powered hand sanitizers eliminate germs and soften hands simultaneously.

Body Oil: Create an in-home spa with a luxurious body oil! Body oil is perfect for a relaxing massage, a deep dose of hydration for thirsty skin, or as a shaving oil to avoid irritation when shaving. 

Shaving: Our shaving products help your skin avoid razor bumps or dry skin, and enhance soft, smooth skin instead! Since they’re made with botanical ingredients, you can feel confident about using our shaving products for any delicate, sensitive areas.

Hesitant to buy body care products online? We get it. Our team knows these products inside and out, and they’d be glad to help you make a decision! Don’t forget, we have a killer return policy if something doesn’t work out!