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You don’t need to suffer through a UTI or bladder infection. We sell all-natural supplements to ease urinary tract issues and strengthen bladder health!*

We know that these are private issues — that burning sensation when you urinate, the constant urge to pee, and never seeming to be able to empty your bladder. Poor urinary tract health can even cause infections after intercourse, prostate troubles, and kidney problems! 

The good news is that there are urinary and bladder supplements that can knock out a UTI fast. We also provide a variety of vitamins and formulated blends designed to powerfully promote healthy urinary tract and kidneys, strengthen the bladder muscles, and even help to reduce incontinence issues.*

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How to Get Rid of a Yeast Infection in 24 hours

Suffering through a UTI or bladder infection? Our supplements can naturally support urinary health, UTIs, bladder infections, bacterial vaginosis, incontinence, prostate problems, and more!*

  • Support urinary tract health, including kidneys and bladder*
  • Prevent and reduce symptoms of UTIs*
  • Help the body eradicate E.coli bacteria from the urinary tract*
  • Promote prostate health*
  • Strengthen the bladder to reduce urinary incontinence*

The Best Secret to Urinary Tract Health — The Cranberry

It’s not a surprise to find cranberries on this list! That’s because it’s one of the most popular remedies to support urinary tract health. In addition to high levels of antioxidants, cranberry limits the multiplication of harmful bacteria, fights against the production of kidney stones, and enhances your overall urinary and bladder health.*

But don’t just reach for some cranberry juice — that’s more likely to hurt than help thanks to the excess sugar! Instead, you need a cranberry extract that’s potent, powerful, and fast. Send us a message in our LiveChat to help discover which cranberry supplement for UTIs is best for you!

Try Mannose for Urinary Health

Mannose is the type of sugar that naturally occurs in cranberries. Ordinarily, you should steer far away from sugar if you struggle with UTI’s and bladder health, because sugar breeds more bacteria, and bacteria is what causes urinary and bladder infections. 

So, why is mannose on this list if it’s a sugar? Because this unique sugar actually helps your urinary tract get rid of unwanted bacteria!* It passes through your body without being metabolized, clings on to the bacteria that cause infections, and blocks them from reproducing.* The result: bye-bye bladder infection or UTI! 

Why wait? Grab a mannose supplement off our digital shelves so you can start feeling better ASAP.* 

Probiotics Support Urinary Tract Health Too!

Bacteria have a bad reputation, but the reality is that your body (specifically your urinary system) requires bacteria in order to thrive! That’s why probiotics can be a helpful daily supplement for urinary tract problems and bladder health. Choose one of our probiotics that includes L. Acidophilus for maximum prevention of UTIs and vaginal infections.* 

It’s uncomfortable to talk about private issues. Send us a discrete message in our LiveChat option and we will help you find the best supplement for your urinary and bladder health!*