CBD for Anxiety

If you frequently experience symptoms of anxiety, it’s time to try CBD! Many studies have shown that CBD is helpful for easing occasional anxiety and everyday stress. Because who has time for worries? Definitely not you!

CBD for anxiety can help you finally get some relief, improve sleep, regain energy, and get a better outlook on life. From gummies to supplements to oils, our CBD is also available in varying strengths. Choose how much you need to stay calm and tackle whatever the day throws your way. 

Why use CBD for anxiety and stress?

  • Soothes ‘busy-brain’ and other symptoms of anxiety*
  • Provides support for healthy adrenal function*
  • Helps maintain a healthy mood*
  • Encourages a sense of relaxation and calmness*
  • Promotes deeper and more restful sleep*
  • Supports mental function and clarity*
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From occasional anxiety to everyday stress, your worries might be keeping you from thriving. If you’re craving natural relief from your stress and anxiety, we have a perfect answer for you — CBD! 

Whether you already love CBD oil or you’ve only heard a little about it, we have the best CBD for anxiety relief around!

CBD oil for anxiety has been rigorously studied to discover all the benefits it has to offer. One major one? Stress relief! In our bodies, we have what’s called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) which plays a role in mood regulation, the sleep cycle, your appetite, immunity, and so much more! CBD directly impacts the ECS by binding to its receptors, CB1 and CB2, which helps you feel calm and relaxed.1 

The best part? Our nutrition store carries CBD products with varying dosages so you can discover the exact amount that works best for you. CBD helps balance cortisol production, supports the production of ‘happy hormones’, encourages relaxation, and quiets the mind without reducing your ability to stay focused. If you experience more intense anxiety or need extra support to fall asleep at night, try a higher dosage to conquer those hurdles and feel the ultra-soothing effects of CBD.2 

What are the benefits of CBD for anxiety? 

  • Provides soothing effects to help ease stress and anxiety*
  • Helps balance mood and a healthy mental state*
  • Supports the body’s response to pain and helps provide relief*
  • Causes a sense of relaxation for deeper and more restful sleep*
  • Provides support for healthy cognition*
  • Helps improve focus and concentration*
  • Encourages homeostasis between the mind and body*

Our selection of CBD for anxiety consists of oils, supplements, gummies, and even topical creams so you can decide which soothes your stress the best. If you need additional support, browse our superior supplements for stress, anxiety, and mood — from herbal formulas to adrenal support, there are endless ways to help alleviate what’s causing your worries. 

If you have more questions about how CBD can soothe your stress and help you rest, our Wellness Consultants are happy to help! Just hit the LiveChat button in the lower right corner of your screen to send us a message.