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Kid’s Core Supplements: Multi-Vitamins

Disclaimer: The following information has not been approved by the FDA. This information should not be interpreted as medical advice and is not a substitute for a visit with a medical care professional. Always speak to your doctor about any health concerns. 

I came across an article this week saying that rickets and scurvy are on the rise in the UK. The article in The Telegraph states “an increasing number of children are developing wartime diseases, such as scurvy and rickets, because their diets are worse than that of their counterparts during WWII”. Dr. Mark Temple, a doctor quoted in the article, explains that junk food diets are at the root of this and are more harmful than wartime ration diets were.

The Healthy Place team meets many parents wondering what supplements their children need to support good health. We believe that there are four Kid’s Core Supplements that do just that. They are multi-vitamins, omega-3 fats, vitamin D, and probiotics.

What Are We Eating?

What are Americans spending their food dollars on? According to a USDA Economic Research report the top three “foods” purchased for American households are refined grains, sugar and candies, and red meat. Our three lowest food purchases are dark green vegetables, orange vegetables and legumes. In 1977 we were eating 3.1% of our meals at fast food restaurants, with 17.7% of our meals eaten away from home. Those numbers have changed to 13.2% fast food and 31.5% eaten away from home in 2005-08.

You’re Fighting A War

Are you having trouble getting healthy meals on the table and coaxing or bribing your children to eat them? If so, you aren’t alone. Part of the problem is you are fighting against big money. US fast food chains spent $4.6 billon on advertising in 2012. There aren’t numbers available on the marketing budgets for all the food giants, but Kraft spent $683 million on US advertising in 2012. Our children are bombarded with advertisements promoting poor food choices, and in many families both parents are working and they are tired! It is so easy to let “a little” turn into “a lot”, and the next thing you know you can’t get your kids to eat wholesome, nutritious foods.

To make matters worse, the nutritional content and value of food is decreasing as our soil is depleted through time and chemical farming practices. Also, increased environmental pollution is creating a toxic burden that increases our need for nutrients.

Whole foods are the best nutrition for you and your family! But, realistically, most of us have some weak areas. The University of British Columbia’s “Learn Pediatrics” website states:  “Nutritional deficiencies can be very significant to the overall health of infants and children because growth and development can be seriously hindered by shortages in essential vitamins or nutrients”.

Improve Cognitive Performance

A series of studies published in the British Journal of Nutrition, Psychopharmacology and Human Psychopharmacology found that healthy children, men and women who took vitamin and mineral supplements for 4 to 12 weeks had improved cognitive performance after only a few weeks of supplementation.

How Multi-Vitamins Support Health

High potency multi-vitamins provide a full spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals. They support your children’s health in a variety of ways.

  • Healthy Development
  • Strong Immune Function
  • Cognitive Ability
  • Emotional Vitality
  • Ability to Deal with Stress

Supplements shouldn’t be regarded as a substitute for healthy foods, rather as support to fill in nutritional gaps.

Knowing that it is difficult to get some children to take supplements, The Healthy Place team works with parents to find products their children like and are within their price range. Bring the kids along to taste test the options available.

The team at The Healthy Place loves to answer your questions. Contact us or stop at our store, located in Madison, Wisconsin and our team can give you recommendations that are right for your family. Our goal is to help you “Find Your Healthy Place”!


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