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Preparing for a mini vacation to Florida brought to mind trips that were flops because of illness contracted during air travel. Our first vacation with an infant was quite a trial. I vividly remember the person hacking and coughing in the seat across the aisle from us. Of course we all picked up the germs and spent the trip with a sick baby and sick ourselves. Was it a total disaster? Yup! If only I had been prepared with my Healthy Travels lineup of products.

It’s true that there are tragedies far greater than spending your vacation dealing with sick kids, but in the moment it feels pretty awful!

Healthy Travels Lineup

Owning a vitamin and nutrition store in Madison is an advantage when it comes to product knowledge – but it still took years to perfect this lineup. Curious about what you’ll find in my carry-on to ensure healthy travels? I consider these products to be game changers and wouldn’t consider air travel without them!

1. Nature’s Way Elderberry Lozenges

Believe it or not my family loves these lozenges! I’ve discovered that elderberry is a little known immune boosting powerhouse supported by research and customer testimonials. I give one of these to each member of the family every hour of the flight. They dissolve easily, taste great, and pack a BIG immune boosting punch.

2. Dr. Bronner’s Organic Lavender Hand Sanitizer

For obvious reasons, hand sanitizer is a MUST on an airplane. I use a wet wipe and this spray to disinfect airplane seats, tray tables, buttons, etc. Yes! I am that mom – and you should feel no shame for wiping down the area little hands will be touching. Ignore those sideways glances and smirks. You’ll be the one dealing with the sick kiddos, not the person across the isle. Don’t forget to use this spray to disinfect hands regularly!

3. Oregon’s Wild Harvest Tranquil Child

This name promises a lot and, let me tell you, it has really delivered on that promise for our family! Air travel can be stressful for anyone, but young children especially struggle with being confined for hours at a time. When I sense someone is nearing a meltdown, a couple drops of this has made a huge difference for our kids.

4. Plant Therapy KidSafe Germ Destroyer Roll On

I love that Plant Therapy has done the research and blended essential oils that are safe for kids 2 to 10 years of age. We apply this to our spine, wrists, and bottoms of our feet before, during and after travel.

Essential oils are an immune stimulant, and they are very powerful for getting the immune system geared up. We don’t use this kind of boost daily, but it is perfect for air travel when our bodies are bombarded with germs and stress.

5. Plant Therapy KidSafe immune boom

The whole family takes some deep breaths of this synergistic blend of essential oils before entering the airport, boarding the plane, during the flight, and after arriving at our destination. The point is to coat the mucus membranes with the essential oil’s immune protecting properties. BOOM! No more bacteria or viruses!

This Healthy Travels lineup has seen us through many flights and vacations without anyone getting sick! I hope your family will have the same success!

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