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Wish you could eat ice cream, fried chicken, or your favorite pizza without the uncomfortable digestive side effects? Now you can — thanks to our line of digestive enzyme supplements!*

These enzyme supplements are the powerful digestive superheroes that help you digest food faster and more efficiently. When your GI tract lacks certain digestive enzymes, your body can react poorly — gas, bloating, and stomach pain.

Our shop sells a variety of the best digestive enzymes, so you can eat what you want without feeling poorly!*

  • Dairy: Milk-based products like cheese and ice cream include lactase. We supply a handful of digestive enzyme supplements to help you digest lactose and casein without gas or bloating! 
  • Gluten: Gluten intolerance is growing more and more common. But this is one trend that you don’t need to follow! We carry supplements that help you break down and digest gluten and wheat.
  • Fatty foods: Do your favorite fatty foods taste great in your mouth but feel bad in your stomach? Feel better when you pair it with a digestive enzyme!
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What are digestive enzymes, and why do I need them? Your digestive tract is packed with all sorts of beneficial bacteria, fungi, yeasts, enzymes, and more. These all work together to help you digest food and keep you healthy. One of the most important jobs? Breaking down food! And that’s the job for the enzymes. 

Digestive enzymes are mostly produced in the pancreas, stomach, and small intestine. Unfortunately, many people find that they don’t have enough enzymes for a particular type of food OR have food sensitivities that make it more difficult than usual to digest specific foods or spices. Others have health conditions that prevent their bodies from creating the enzymes they need. 

Have you noticed that you get diarrhea after you enjoy ice cream or cheese? Do you experience nausea after you have bread? What about bouts of indigestion after a meal of fatty foods? That’s an enzyme issue! But don’t worry — you can help your body out so you can keep eating foods you love. 

If you feel bad after you eat (indigestion, diarrhea, bloating, etc.), then you should consider trying one of our digestive enzyme supplements! 

  • Dairy: The culprits behind dairy intolerance are lactose and casein. Digestive enzymes for dairy intolerance help break those down so you can enjoy milk-based products without the icky side effects!*
  • Gluten: Hop off the gluten-free trend, thanks to our digestive enzyme supplements which enhance your body’s ability to digest gluten.*
  • Fatty foods: Don’t have a gallbladder? No problem! You can supplement with digestive enzymes to help your body more efficiently break down fats.*
  • Probiotics: Probiotic enzymes fuel your digestion with plenty of hardworking “good” gut bacteria!* 
  • Specific enzymes: Have you heard of papaya digestive enzymes? Searching for pancreatic digestive enzymes? How about small intestine digestive enzymes? Our shop has exactly the kind of enzymes that you’re looking for: papaya, pancreatic, small intestines, gallbladder, carbohydrate, and more!

Jumpstart your digestion today! Don’t know which product is the best option for your digestion? Contact our team via LiveChat! We listen to your symptoms, ask thorough questions, and suggest which supplement is best for you!