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Our kids multivitamin tablets nourish and replenish your child’s growing body with vital nutrients for their health. It’s not always easy to convince our children to take their daily supplements. Fortunately, our kids multivitamin tablets and capsules are designed for kids! They’re easy to take and loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. 

Whatever your child might be missing in their diets, multivitamins will help ensure that those nutritional gaps are filled in so that your kid has everything they need to live every day to the fullest. A daily multivitamin helps your child’s body stay strong, healthy, and happy! 

  • Fills nutritional gaps in diet*
  • Fortifies immune system*
  • Promotes bone, muscle, and nerve health*
  • Encourages healthy brain development*
  • Enhances mood balance*
  • Preserves optimal vision and skin health*
  • Supports digestive function*
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Help your child get the most out of their nutrition with the powerful support of a multivitamin! Our store offers the top kids multivitamin tablets to ensure your child’s growth and development are enriched with all the nutrients they need.

We understand how difficult it can be to make sure our children eat a healthy diet that is rich in essential nutrients. Fortunately, multivitamins for kids help relieve some of that worry! While we still want to provide our children with well-rounded diets, we can also fill in the potential nutritional gaps with the help of a kids multi. 

We want things to be easier on you, so our nutrition store carries only the best kids multivitamin tablets and capsules! These products are formulated to supply your children with the vitamins and minerals it takes to nourish their healthiest growth and development. 

  • Vitamin A encourages strong immune, skin, and eye health, and boosts your child’s overall wellbeing.*
  • B Vitamins support your child’s energy levels, regulate metabolic function, and promote cardiovascular health.*
  • Vitamin C is the powerful immune booster that should be included in all kid’s multivitamin tablets! It helps reduce the severity and duration of seasonal illnesses and protects against future infections.*
  • Vitamin D encourages your child’s healthy brain development, maintains mood balance, and helps build strong bones.*
  • Vitamin E enhances children’s immunity and promotes healthy skin, eyes, and inflammatory function.*
  • Magnesium strengthens muscle health and helps relieve aches and pains that often accompany growth.*
  • Calcium ensures the healthy function of bones, teeth, muscles, and nerves for your child’s healthy growth and development.*

Our kids multivitamin tablets are a simple addition to your child’s daily supplement lineup! Think your child might like a different form? Check out the rest of our kid’s multivitamins — available in gummies and liquids too!

Looking for the multivitamin that best complements your child’s health? Our certified Wellness Consultants are happy to help! Hit the LiveChat feature to start a conversation.